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I am currently a Consultant with the Boston Consulting Group, where I am an Ambassador at the BCG Henderson Institute

I am on leave from my role as an Associate Professor (tenured) at the University of Pennsylvania with appointments in

My research is primarily about

  • the question of what we should believe (in both metaethics and epistemology, including traditional, formal, and social)
  • the sources and effects of diversity and polarization in groups

My first book, Right Belief and True Belief (Oxford, Oct. 2023), argues for a general truth-loving epistemic consequentialist theory of what we should believe

Much of my research about social philosophy is done with the Computational Social Philosophy Lab, an interdisciplinary research group that uses an empirically-informed approach to using agent-based models to investigate questions in social epistemology, political philosophy, and philosophy of science

I started at Penn as an Assistant Professor in January of 2013, and I received tenure and a promotion to Associate Professor in July 2019. Before coming to Penn, I received a Ph.D. in Philosophy at the University of Michigan

When I’m not working, I like to run and take pictures of birds .

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Department of Philosophy
433 Cohen Hall
Philadelphia, PA 19104-6304

Email: singerd@phil.upenn.edu

Office: 461 Cohen Hall

Phone: +1 920-4Singer

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